Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everybody Knows Dick

Arriving into Victor, ID we park the faithful 13 year old Toyota 4Runner that has carried us the 2100 miles from Chicago (with the check engine light on for the last 500 or so). It lacks the umph required over the coming days to carry us repeatedly back and forth over Teton Pass.

In its place, we mount the 1999 Suburban that JB keeps here. Gray, hulking, and unsubtle, it is universally known to denizens of the area as “Dick". Given the Vice President’s nearby home, the Cheney-suggestive double entendre is part of the vehicle’s charm to all.

Sure enough. No sooner have we ridden Dick over the pass than ML, a local guide and friend of JB’s, swerves around us at high speed tooting her horn and waving “Diccccckkk!!!” Within minutes more Dick sightings have prompted calls to JB’s cell phone. “We saw Dick go by! Are you in town? Want to go climbing?”

Amazing. Everyone really does know Dick.


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