Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crossing the Divide

The terrain out here seems bigger and bigger with every passing mile, but the world of human relationships shrinks in parallel. Example? Well . . . crossing the Continental Divide this morning, we stopped to take a photo.

Of course the other car pulled over at this random spot in a steep mountain pass just happened to be filled with two of JB’s old friends and their children. More greetings and hugs and excited questions about when he was coming to stay with them, when they were all going climbing, etc.

It’s a small big world out here. And it seems uniformly peopled by individuals bent on responsibly enjoying all that the environment has to offer. To them, “RunBikePaddleClimb” is the common one word response to “what are you going to be doing?” They revel in every bit of it.


Pleen said...

Whatever happened to ""?

Jawper said...

Umm . . . that's for home!

Shaping the Battle Space said...

Why is it that to do anything of the "RunBikePaddleClimb" activities, I have to fight my way through Georgetown to get there?

Cue Drew to say I-told-you-so with regard to my urban elitist worldview.

Jawper said...

I'm not sure it's elitest. It's just an example of the trade offs we make.

You'd love to live somewhere where you don't have to fight through the crouds to get to the trail (where we live for example), but you like being in the city.

No free lunch.