Monday, August 25, 2008

Paying for Burgers

The Cost

It turns out that JB neglected to mention two things about today’s hike until we were well into it.
  1. Apparently it’s common practice to add a mile to the distance estimate of a hike for each 1000 feet of elevation change. So when he said, “It’s 9.6 miles round trip. Is that cool with you?” what he meant to say was, “It’s 9.6 miles round trip, but there’s 3000 feet of elevation change on each leg. So that’s the equivalent of walking 15.6 miles. Is that cool with you?”

  2. When he’s training for a race (like now) this is a path that he RUNS on light days away from the weights and bike.
I believe that both not-so-accidental oversights were attempts to avoid intimidating my flabby citified self. I don’t think he needed to bother. By mile 3, my mind was much too focused on respiration to bother with intimidation.
Maxed out heart rate and all, the trip was more than worth it.

The Reward

In need of serious refueling and hydration, we made a beeline for a joint on JB’s must-visit list: Billy’s Giant Hamburgers.

Now I can’t say for sure what impact the afternoon’s exertions had on my opinion, but Billy’s might just be serving a perfect burger.

This admittedly isn’t rocket science, but it’s remarkably hard to find a place getting it right. Billy’s is one of those places. Their half-pound chuck patty is gently formed and tastes like grilled beef – not liquid smoke, not some “secret blend” of spices, but simply good quality well prepared BEEF. The cheese actually adds flavor instead of just fat. Nice fresh tomatoes and iceberg lettuce provide texture contrast. Just a shmear of mayo helps hold things together with a hint of richness. And finally, a bun robust enough to avoid falling apart without getting in the way. This is a truly great hamburger.

Note: The beer also apparently contains an analgesic called CH3CH2OH that works remarkably well on large muscle groups inflamed by high altitude exertions.

Billy’s Giant Hamburgers
55 N Cache St
Jackson, WY 83001


Pleen said...

Okay, let's talk about the fries, since I'm the non-beef eater. Whassup with the criss-cross fries? Why not just good 'ol fashioned shoestrings? Were the fries any good?

Anonymous said...

Sneaky, sneaky! You were HAD. But admit it, it was for your own good. All those endorphins will make you a runner soon enough!

Jawper said...

Lizzie: Anything to justify another one of those burgers!

Pleen: The fries were pretty good. Nothing wrong with them. They were NOT as great as the burgers themselves.