Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bali Update

Just some quick info for those wondering if we’ve fallen off the map. A fussy engine valve on our airplane caused us to miss our connection in Tokyo and we ended up arriving into Singapore much later than we expected. Turns out that 3 hours of sleep on a bed does wonders after 26 hours on a plane, and we were rolling onto our final flight to Bali 6 hours after we landed.

We spent our first three days in Bali with our old friends BL & ST. In typical fashion, BL outdid himself securing us a luxury venue beyond expectations.

Oh, and as you might expect, the food sucked as well.

We are now in villa withdrawal trying with all our might NOT to compare our perfectly nice digs in Ubud with the dreamy Umah di Beji.

Bali is lovely – if hot! – and we’re happily exploring until we head to Jakarta to see another set of old friends in a couple days. More to follow!

Umah di Beji
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

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