Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick Note on Angeethi

We had a quite a meal tonight at Angeethi out in Herndon. To a certain extent, it was pretty standard – albeit good – Indian. But the veggie dishes were quite strong. And of particular note were dishes incorporating the – apparently homemade – paneer.

This Indian cheese is often a mild element of structure more than flavor. But at Angeethi the panneer’s flavor and texture are center stage. Whoever they've got chained to the paneer station in the kitchen really knows his stuff.

The Paneer Pakora - paneer stuffed with a spice mixture and then fried in chickpea batter – offered luxurious fresh taste within a decadent fried exterior. But the star of the evening was the Paneer Tikka – spiced and dressed planks of paneer barbecued in the tandoor. This was a tandoori chicken for vegetarians; complete with the red color on the smoky flavored exterior, grill marks, and succulent inner flesh. Well worth the drive on its own.

We’re defiantly looking forward to another visit to Angeethi to check out more of the menu.

645 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170

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