Friday, August 22, 2008

Corn Exchange 2

OK, stop laughing. The hotel room was cheap and we wanted to see Mount Rushmore anyway.

We had a great day and wanted to top it off with a great meal. We called for an early reservation. When I gave the hostess my name, she said, “It’ll be good to see you guys again.”

Walking into the place, we tried not to show our disappointment that our server from the previous night was working other tables. Imagine our surprise when our server for the evening said, “I’ll just tell you guys about the stuff you didn’t eat last night.” Ah . . . sure. The servers brief each other on the guests' previous meals? Sure. Why not? They’re getting everything else right after all.

This meal included:

  • Bottle of Adelsheim Elizabeth’s Reserve 2006 Willamette Valley pinot noir

  • Tiger shrimp sautéed with a leek & sundried tomato crème

  • Roasted duck dumplings with dipping sauce


  • Heirloom tomatoes, basil oil, & goat cheese (so good we had to order it again)

  • Romaine hearts with croutons, anchovy dressing, & grated manchego


  • Bolognaise of 777 Buffalo Ranch buffalo & dried porcini over rigatoni

  • New York strip from Hogen Beef pan seared and oven-finished. Mushroom cream pan glaze. Perfect roasted potatoes & harcourt verte. (In a region full of good beef, this dish stood out. Flawless.)


  • Peach tart w/vanilla ice cream

  • Orange & 62% cacao Valrhona chocolate cake w/raspberry

It’s difficult to express how much this place is getting right. A direct flight into Rapid City is tempting.

The Corn Exchange
727 Main Street,
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 343-5070


Pleen said...

Damn! Corn Exchange sounds amazing!

Pleen said...

Oh..and I can't BELIEVE you ate at the same place twice!