Sunday, November 9, 2008

Singapore: No Reservations

First night in town. Cab over to Little India and grab a table at Banana Leaf Apollo. It’s a Friday night so we have to shove a little. I haven’t been here in probably a decade. Curry, crowds, cold beer - nothing's changed. Despite the lines of foreign tourists due to the “must try” status in all guide books, the food is good, the service fast, and the joint itself is full of energy.

I'm feeling a little conflicted bringing our buddies L&NG to such a touristy spot for their first dinner in town. All the talk about authentic street food and I've brought them here?

Mid rumination, a face in the crowd distracts me. The guy sitting at the table behind me looks familiar. I squint. As he gets up to leave I finally realize it’s K.F. Seetoh, creator of the Makansutra empire of dining guides, food venues, and tours. I stare at this renowned advocate of all that is the Singapore food scene.

He notices us looking and tosses a nod and a smile. A pal of Tony Bourdain’s, an ambassador of good Singaporean eats, chowing down at a tourist destination? And then it hits me. Sure he’s here. The food’s damn good! It's that simple.

Banana Leaf Apollo

54/56/58 Race Course Road

Singapore 218570

+65 6293-8682

Makansutra - Celebrating Asian food culture and lifestyle

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